Heads up! These docs are for v1, which is no longer maintained. Check out the latest version of the CityBikes API.

If your app depends on this version of the API do not worry, a compatibility layer is already on place and will keep being the default version being served for a while.

If you are building a new project using the API the new version is the recommended way to go. If there's something missing, this is the right time to ask! Send us an email at or open a new issue.

CityBikes API

Welcome to the CityBikes API documentation page. This is a brief explanation on how to use CityBikes data.


The system currently supports only JSON.

You can add a callback parameter to use it with JSONP<call>.<format>



This call provides a list of the networks supported in CityBikes


This returns a JSON Array with a set of JSON objects with these variables:


This call, given a system name id, provides the list of stations and availability


There are some variables that all systems share:

And sometimes, there are Community Bike systems that provide more info than usual (for example in Wien). In these cases you will see more info in the feed, like:

The point here is, use whatever available you need on the feed you use :)

Terms of Service

CityBikes is a cost free service. However, it HAS a license (LGPL). Basically:

If your project is using this API (as in, doing calls), you should indicate it on your app, or website, linking the project page.

If your project is using PyBikes (as in, downloading the external data by yourself) you should also mention it.

Source, source, source

Happy Hacking!


CityBikes API has an LGPL license.

Feel free to check the code @github

Examples using the API

gmaps_helper.js: Javascript functions used in the main page to render the map

CityBikes: Open Source App to display this information on android.